B I O G R A P H Y Taizan Kawamura

Taizan Kawamura graduated from the music theory department of the Seiha Institute and the NHK Ikuseikai, a famous training ground for professional musicians in Japan. Kawamura has performed under Japan Foundation funding in former Soviet Union and Europe. Besides his activity as a solo performer, he performs and composes in a wide variety of styles from classical to modem for such groups as the ensemble "Shakuhachi 1979," the Sankyoku group "Atarashii Kaze," the shakuhachi, piano and percussion trio "Taigu," and the Hogaku Group "Mutsuno wo," and the vocal, guitar and koto group "Bisha."

He is currently active as an instructor and performer for numerous Tozan Shakuhachi related organizations.

Website: http://www.komuso.com/people/Kawamura_Taizan.html