B I O G R A P H Y Kifu Mitsuhashi

Kifu Mitsuhashi studied with Soufu Sasaki of the Kinko-style shakuhachi in 1968. He became a member of Pro Musica Nipponia and participated in many concerts both in Japan and overseas after completing the NHK Hougaku Training Program in 1972. Mitsuhashi studied with Chikugai Okamoto of the shakuhachi fukesyu meian souryuukai in 1974. He was awarded as top soloist of the 1st Pan Music Festival in 1976 and was awarded the Arts Festival Superior Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1980. After that, he played with various Orchestras through overseas performances. Kifu was awarded the Arts Festival Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for "the Shakuhachi recital of Kifu Mitsuhashi" in 1989. He was then awarded Arts Pieces Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the CD solo album "Makoto Moroi Chikurin Kitan" and the Music Prize from Kenzo Nakajima in 1992.

Now, he is a master of Kinko style, superintendence of the Kifu group of Kinko style Shakuhachi and a member of "Tokyo International Music Ensemble". Recently, he has produced several music festivals and concerts. He has experienced overseas recitals seventy-three times and original solo recitals nineteen times.

Website: http://www.komuso.com/people/Mitsuhashi_Kifu.html

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