B I O G R A P H Y John Singer

John Singer, master shakuhachi teacher, performer, recording artist and former shakuhachi instructor at the University of Hawaii, has performed music on the Japanese bamboo flute since 1975. After several years of intensive study in Japan under the tutelage of the late shakuhachi Grand Master and Living National Treasure Yamaguchi Goro and shakuhachi Master Matsumura Homei, John was awarded a Shihan (Master Teacher certificate) in 1982. He later learned the Nezasa Ha Kinpu Ryu pieces from Kinpu Ryu Iemoto, Master Inoue Shouei (Shigeshi).

It is important to note that John is one of the very few shakuhachi masters in the world and the only outside of Japan to record and perform using extremely rare ancient Edo period instruments dating back to the 17th century. John has performed throughout East Asia, the United States, and Western Europe to audiences very appreciative of his unusual talent and mastery of this difficult musical instrument. He has appeared many times on radio and television, and has been actively performing and lecturing at colleges, Zen centers, and other venues in recent years.

The main motivation for John's concerts is to give his audiences an understanding of the shakuhachi both as an unusually dynamic musical instrument and as a meditative tool having a rich history within the Zen Buddhist tradition

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