B I O G R A P H Y Shugetsu Yamaguchi

Shugetsu Yamaguchi
In 1979 Shugetsu Yamaguchi began his study of shakuhachi making under Chikusen Tamai. After seven years of studying, in 1986 he became an independent shakuhachi maker.

Notably, in 1993 he made a replica of an ancient Shosoin Shakuhachi which was originally made 1200 years ago, and is now carefully preserved in the Shosoin Treasure House in Nara under the request of the Osaka University of Arts.

In 1998 Shugetsu Yamaguchi gave a workshop on shakuhachi making at the World Shakuhachi Festival in Boulder, CO. Then in 2000 he had an exhibit at the Five Year Anniversary Special Exhibition at the Hamamatsu City Musical Instruments Museum.

Yamaguchi is highly valued by many shakuhachi players and scholars not only in Japan but also around the world, as an excellent shakuhachi maker who has a special ability to make delicate and complicated shakuhachi such as the Jinashi classic shakuhachi.

He has recently opened a shakuhachi making and teaching studio Shingetsu in Nara city.