WELCOME! In the spirit of the three great International Shakuhachi Festivals that have gone before, we are very pleased to announce the upcoming Fourth International Shakuhachi Festival to take place in the Summer of 2004. This exciting world-class event will be held in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, from July 29 - August 1, 2004, at the brand new Performing Arts facilities on the campus of New York University. In addition to the gracious sponsorship of New York University, the festival will be presented by two not-for-profit 501c3 organizations: The Traditional Japanese Music Society of New York, and Exposure Project for the Arts. The list of sponsors is growing - check the sponsors section of this site for the latest information or to become a sponsor. The festival will include a marketplace with shakuhachi makers and vendors, CD sales, music and books. On the last day of the festival there will be a special shakuhachi auction - a rare opportunity to obtain an instrument by some of the top-makers.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Provide a diverse program of classes, panel discussions and concerts for Shakuhachi players of all levels, from the top teachers and performers of all the major schools and styles:
Kinko-Ryu, Tozan-Ryu, ChikuHo-Ryu, Ueda-Ryu, Neza-Sa-Ha (Kinpu-Ryu), as well as Dokyoku, Myoan (Meian) Style and pieces played by Jin Nyodo. The event will provide a valuable opportunity for Shakuhachi players in the United States and around the world, to come together and share experiences and techniques. We hope to provide a balanced mix of learning and entertainment for all.


  • Participation by the top shakuhachi performers, teachers, and makers from around the world, including Living National Treasure of the Shakuhachi, Aoki Reibo Sensei (see his biography under Teachers and Performers).
  • Panel discussion of women Shakuhachi players followed by a concert of women players (first time ever!)
  • Panel discussion on shakuhachi construction and repair
  • Three ongoing simultaneous classrooms, daily teachings in Honkyoku, Gaikyoku, Minyo, Shinkyoku, Gidaimono, etc.
  • Concerts and open-mic performance opportunities
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United Kingdom
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